Our services


Based on expert knowledge and vast experience in method development and laboratory staff training, we offer a series of training courses in major chemical analysis techniques.


What makes our courses effective:

  • strict practical orientation
  • non-standard presentation approach
  • great number of case studies

That makes it powerful for entry-level employees’ primary training as well as for retooling and updating knowledge and skills of experienced analytical chemists.


The distinctive features of our courses:

  • compact one or two-day course structure doesn’t significantly distract staff members from the production process  and saves money on travel expenses;
  • highly efficient, practical and application-oriented system of presentation thanks to multimedia aids and simulation;
  • the content of our courses is being constantly updated in order to provide up-to-date information to the learners including cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art equipment.
  • vendor and industry independence: our courses can be customized towards any type of equipment existing on the market, industrial area or application.




«… I liked the individual approach, the lecture format (animated images and no long texts), the simplicity of presentation of the material…»

«… the information was presented clearly and without too many words; it is backed up by animated images demonstrating the essence of the ongoing process…»

«… Usefulness and practical applicability of gained knowledge, the lecturer’s manner of presentation, the quality of presentation materials, the abundance of graphic and animated information, good organization of breaks, the free-and-easy atmosphere in the trainee group and the lecturer’s democratic manner.»