The in-depth course is intended for analytical chemists of biopharmaceutical companies, as well as all chromatographers involved in the analysis of therapeutic proteins (at all levels) and their complexes. It is necessary to have a degree in chemistry and at least some basic HPLC skills.

    Why should you choose our course?

    Giant structures, complexity and huge variability of modern biopharmaceuticals traditionally make its (U)HPLC separation a big difficulty for analytical chemists. The main goals of the course are:

    • explain the differences in retention and chromatographic behavior of small and macromolecular compounds as well as their additional CQAs
    • train to develop robust and fit-for-purpose methods using both major and application-specific separation modes
    • train to optimize methods and troubleshoot common problems by controlling the whole range of chromatographic variables

    What will you get from our course?

    As a result of this course, you will

    • be able to develop robust and rugged (U)HPLC methods for biopharmaceutical analysis and characterization using the whole range of separation modes:  RP, HILIC, HIC, SEC, IEX
    • learn how to select configuration and optimize performance of your (U)HPLC system for biopharmaceutical separations as well as select and fine-tune the detection type
    • learn how to improve sample throughput and cost-efficiency of your lab

    Duration of the course

    2 business days