This course is designed for beginning as well as advanced chromatographers dealing with “complicated matrix” samples (food& beverage, biological liquids, herbal medicines, etc.), trace-level analysis (eco-toxicants) or methods requiring low limits of quantitation. The course is also recommended for everyone who wants to master the most modern sample prep methods. Trainees are required to have a higher education degree in Chemistry/Pharmacy and at least one year of HPLC/GC hands-on experience.

    Why should you choose our course?

    Sample prep is typically the most time-consuming and cost-intensive step of chromatographic analysis and a second large source of uncertainty. Within 2 working days you will learn to develop, optimize and troubleshoot the whole range of modern high-throughput sample prep techniques: from different modes of liquid extraction to sorption-based cleanup methods and automation solutions.

    What will you get from our course?

    As a result of this course, you will

    • learn to develop robust sample prep methods for samples of any complexity and concentration
    • master modern sample cleanup and analyte enrichment techniques
    • be able to increase your lab productivity and significantly improve your HPLC equipment life span

    Duration of the course

    2 business days