The three-day course is designed for beginners in liquid chromatography, as well as for professionals wishing to systematize their knowledge and skills and bring them in line with the cutting-edge technologies and HPLC industry developments.

    Why should you choose our course?

    The course is an all-purpose tool both for training young professionals as well as updating the knowledge and skills of experienced chemists. The minimum amount of theory combined with the clear material presentation style makes it possible to train even employees without chemical / pharmaceutical education.

    What will you get from our course?

    Within three days you will

    • receive the essential amount of theory
    • learn about modern HPLC/UHPLC design features, set-up and operation principles
    • learn to use five major separation modes
    • learn how to select instrument configuration and column chemistry for different applications
    • receive initial skills in sample preparation and HPLC system troubleshooting

    Duration of the course

    3 business days