This course is strongly recommended for (U)HPLC users who wish to expand and deepen their knowledge of the technique, to recognize and distinguish between separation system issues and hardware-related problems and know how to troubleshoot them. The training is also recommended for everyone who is interested in reducing unplanned downtime and overall (U)HPLC equipment effectiveness: lab managers, lab technicians, etc. Trainees should preferably have a higher education degree in Chemistry/Pharmacy and at least a minimum experience with (U)HPLC.

    Why should you choose our course?

    The main goal is to «un-demonize» HPLC system of any generation and design and train specialists to regularly inspect, troubleshoot and preventively maintain its components. The course contains practically no theory and is full of case studies and exclusive technical tips and tricks.

    What will you get from our course?

    As a result of this course you will

    • become familiar with major (U)HPLC system components design and operation principles
    • be able to recognize, troubleshoot and prevent hardware problems
    • be able to develop more versatile, robust and rugged(U)HPLC methods
    • master inter-system method transfer
    • significantly reduce equipment breakdowns and related service costs

    Duration of the course

    2 business days