This in-depth course is designed for the specialists of QC&QA and R&D labs of pharmaceutical companies who want to improve their RP-HPLC method development skills and get deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms. At the same time the course will be extremely useful for chromatographers from other industrial areas who use this most common separation mode in their daily work routine.

    Why should you choose our course?

    This is very advanced and practice-oriented course. The emphasis is made on training the chromatographer to consciously develop robust and fit-for-purpose HPLC methods for samples of any complexity as well as to control and troubleshoot them.


    What will you get from our course?

    As a result of this course, you will

    • master reversed phase separation mode
    • learn to ensure and improve HPLC method’s robustness/ruggedness
    • be able to evaluate, transfer, translate and troubleshoot RP-HPLC methods of any complexity as well as optimize “legacy methods”
    • learn to improve RP-HPLC method’s cost-efficiency

    Duration of the course

    2 business days